Founded in November 1994, RM Engenharia is a company specialized in industrial services. Its owner and manager, the engineer Roberto Marcondes Rodrigues, used his three-decade experience to consolidate the company's position in the market, based on these three powerful foundations:

This trajectory of successful achievements, which constitutes a history of dynamism and seriousness, has produced valuable awards and has consecrated RM Engenharia as a respected brand in the market of industrial service providers.


Company Name   RM Rodrigues Engenharia e Serviços Ltda.
CEO   Roberto Marcondes Rodrigues
CNPJ   00.289.952/0001-77 (company's registration number)
Address   Rua Almirante Grenfall, 405 - Bloco 3 - Salas 105, 106, 609 e 610 - Parque Duque - Duque de Caxias - RJ
Brazil - CEP 25085-135
Phone   +55 21 36619700
Activities   Projects, Construction, Building Renovation, Structural Recovery and Reinforcement (concrete), Metallic Structures and Industrial Assembly.

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